Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Passing By....Again?

It has been a long time. I know. A blogger who used to write frequently and now realizing she needs to clear her mind, goes into hiding only to find herself in deeper water in a place called 'old times'. 

But I'm missing this place like I have always been missing before every time I take a long leave from writing. There is something about this place. Nostalgic is one. I'm thinking of looking ahead instead of looking back but the old times seems to dominate my mind. Old times and old friends.

Everything here has portrayed the wrong side of me. I'm looking for myself..still. Where has that cheerful girl gone to?

I. want. her. back. 
Please. tell. me. do. you. want. her. back? 

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Lili,
You became Kermit the Hermit???? purrr...meow!

Noir said...

Looking back is good, so long you use it to move forward.

I feel one should take as long as one needs to clear the mind.

Passing by like you do, reminds others of your presence :}

Take care of you, gal!

Oldstock said...

As if you need to ask. Do you really want my answer?

Lili said...

Angelina dear,, more of a hermit lately!

Lili said...


How come it is so hard for me to reply your comment here? And it is even harder when it comes to commenting at your postings? hehehe!

Anyway, my absence has got to be that I don't want to remind 'some people' of my presence...hiks...*I hate to elaborate!*

Lili said...


Ooo how I laughed reading your comment! Yeah if I need to ask, kan? hehe..

I must say, reading your entry last night has prompted me to write a bit today...hence, the song I posted over at facebook is dedicated to you!

somuffins said...

I nak berontak jugak :-(

Lil Lili
How come Oldstock aje dpt lagu specially dedicated to him? Takkan I kena tunggu umur I 64 tahun baru you dedicate 'When I'm 64' to me?

Anyway, "barang yg lepas jangan dikenang. Kalau dikenang, merosak badan", cewah!

OLDSTOCK, jawablah soklan Lili tu. Kitorang nak dengar ;-)

Lili said...

Kander Som,

Berontak dalam sunyi...hahhaa!

Oh, nak lagu jugak ye? Tapi you jarang2 muncul kat sinun! But never mind..I'll think of something..hehe dah tanya Oldstock, hope he'll answer me..kan?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lili, we missed you, I missed you too.
Do come back, and live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets....
Just blog what is and from your heart.
Need a strong shoulder, you know where to come, ha ha.
You stay young, keep a song in your heart.

Lili said...

Hi Lee!

It's so good to be missed by people like you!
I'll try to come back as often as I can and with your support, I know I'll be stronger..

Thank you, Lee! ;-)

Wan Sharif said...

Hey.. We do miss you.. At least I do.

Lili said...

Salam Ayoh Wang and sorry for this late reply..
Thank you for dropping by. I miss everyone here and you're one of them!