Saturday, May 28, 2011

Found and Lost

When my blogger friend cum 'klabhaus' member, Fa*Atip came up with a posting entitled, 'Lost and Found', I remember my old posting from my former blog with a reversed title, 'Found and Lost".  Now that I've lost my mojo to Fa, I'll just slot in some of my old entries, from time to time. I also notice, that the 'lost and found' cat, Angelina, has been doing the same...meow meow, that's purrfect!

*This entry was written on 13th August 2009 in my old blog, "Wan's Upon A Time", and the incident took place... a long time ago, in the nineties.

Found and Lost

I am told repeatedly by my aunt, who lives on the island, that I have a cousin, whom I have never met, living near my area on the mainland. She gives me a complete description of this supposedly first cousin of mine and her husband. I keep that in mind for quite some time but forget altogether once other things came up.

First of all, I must admit that I am not close to some of my paternal aunts and uncles, let alone their offspring. I am closer to my mother's side though... but then, aren't we all?

One morning, when I was buying breakfast at my neighbourhood coffee-shop, I chanced upon two couples having their meals there. By the look of one of the men in his flying suit, I recognized immediately they were servicemen at the nearby air force base. Aah, a pilot! One of the ladies seemed familiar, but I just could not recall where I have met her though. I turned away but looked again just in luck to notice her name-tag pinned to her BSN kebaya. It was a 'Wan S' or so... I did not know what to expect but suspected they were the people I'm looking for, so I asked the shop's owner,  hoping that he could shed some lights to my curiosity. I asked him if that pilot's name could be one Major so and so and he confirmed my suspicion to be true. I felt my heart pounding fast for nothing. I was debating inside approach them or not.

I composed myself, and found my way to their table, gave my salam and enquire whether the person I was asking for was really Wan S. In unison, the four of them answered, 'yes!'. it has been my nature, when laughing comes easy, so I giggled first! Well, I wasn't into that 'jejak kasih' episode in my life just yet! Hahaha. Wan S stood and held out her hand to salam mine, while I introduced myself. We hit like a spark instantly once she said she know who I am, but quickly fizzled out when the moment just felt awkward! We were looking at each other more - smiling and giggling, and with minimal words to offer ourselves. I did not know what to say; nor did she. And I couldn't bring myself to hug her like I used to do with my maternal first cousins. Our conversation was cut short because my long-lost cousin had to go to work. Thrusting her name card into my hands and telling me to drop by her house that evening, she left. I learned later, her husband was not a Major but a half-Colonel. Some information I got from my aunt!

When I reached her place that evening with my hubby, her house was so bare. She told me, that it was their last night there as they were moving to Kuantan the following day. I felt a twinge inside me suddenly. Just when I got to know my cousin and got along very well, she was to leave for good. And that was it. Bak kata orang dolo-dolo, 'berjumpa untuk berpisah' ! Aduhai... And all these while, she was living a mere two minutes from me.

Before bidding her farewell, I didn't have to gather my strength to hug her - it came naturally. She returned my hug with tears welling in her eyes, but a flash flood rushed down from mine. *updated: hehehehe - now I can laugh at my silly cengengness! laalalalaa...

If only I adhered to my aunt's urge of finding Wan S sooner, this would not have happened...I just don't know when I will see her again... (For the record, my uncle and Wan S's mother are divorced - that explains our distant).
In the car, my other half said, Wan S and I are like two peas in a pod! Of course we are. We carry the same name of our grandfather and the names of our forefathers... No wonder she looked familiar!

Updated 28th May 2011:

Wan S, is Shelly to all of us in the Wan clan. Perhaps, in my coming entries, I might want to blog about our fathers' penchants for omputih names for their children especially the girls.
And here, wishing you guys, A Nice Weekend,  is Emily Lili! ;p

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When The Land Meets The Sea...

Not Sure If This Is A Comeback.....

 *** I wrote this posting on 12th May 2011. I have no idea how it re-appeared on May 25th. ;-)

Only two weeks into hibernating mode, here I am... running my fingers again on the keyboard. Well, there is this sense of 'missing' when I left blogging that day. I think I don't need to be inspired by people who first mooted this idea for me to blog. They're my past now, at least for me. I should be happy. Hmm....don't ask me who or why, okay.

I was writing about the Junior Master Chef, that very night, Tuesday 26th April, when some news shocked me. To me, it was unfair.  But then, who the hell I think I am to defy them? When I think back, I can now smile for I know I have a big heart, albeit weak and faint. I don't hold grudges against them. The only damage done was, I reacted to that something I had been denying all along.

Alright. No more mushy stuff.

I don't know how long I will hang around here, anyway. My health is not really showing its 'pink' side...hikhik! But don't be's nothing to worry about. Oh yes, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to my friends in the blogosphere for their concerns and always keeping me abreast with their development. Getting text messages every now and then is the best remedy I could have asked for.  And yes...the long distance calls too.

And...receiving a gift on Tuesday evening via courier....hehehee... and it wasn't even my birthday.. oops! (huh, can't help it - force of habit!) Ehem, it turned out to be....

....chocolates from my niece, Nadine
Thanks baby!

Now, the real reason for my comeback has got to be this....

Fuhyo! At last, I have received these books after anxiously waiting. My gazillion thanks to Shidah Sizuka for obliging me with these purchases. Jangan serik, ye Shidah...hehee! Please read Shidah's version of story. Just click on her name in bold letters. :D

Now that I have two books to bury my nose in, you can guess the next instalment of my write-ups would take another backseat.

Auuwww, just can't believe it Awang Goneng scribbled my name! I loike ;-)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

That Day...

One quiet afternoon, after a short trip to Br*nd Outlet to buy me some casual wear, which by the way, has become ritual about every other month once I found that my blouses are mundane; I stepped into my favourite store of all in Queensbay Mall....

 ...where else if not Borders unwind and get a good sniff of coffee aromas at its SetarBak....
...and trying to read some blogs, when all I got was 'no internet connection' that day.
Of all the days... ;p

But as usual, same old same old QueensBay, provides me this certain fixture, that admiring its magnificent view is my personal rights, and I'm always left thinking the entire bay is mine. 

 ...and Queensbay seemed to weep that quiet Tuesday afternoon
from the windows of Borders where these pictures were taken...

 ...well, it has been raining. Somehow rain is akin to weeping!

One last look before I left that day... but that familiar melancholic feelings would not leave.

I hate leaving the island...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of Days and Daze...

I'm seeing my doctor in a short while, but still linger here to do some updating. If I follow my heart, (aha, this is really a direct translation....kalau ikut kata hatiku...hikhikhik!), I would want to skip this morning's appointment.  I'm quite alright. I've been driving everywhere without experiencing breathlessness and anxiety attacks anymore. But my doctor is concerned when I came in after an attack, on a Friday morning recently. My pulse rate was rapidly mad, he said...even so when I was relax. That is why I need to be in his office now as he wanted to monitor my progress and, I supposed, he just can't get his hands scribbling something in his writing pad to refer me to the specialist for test and more test that I had taken some three years ago. In fact, he argued the other day, I could have been warded for symptoms of "it-can-be-anything"! Susah ek, bila doktor tu kawan kita.

The medicines he prescribed was very strong. One in the morning. And another one, a half of a very very tiny pill each night before bedtime...(I almost burst into tears that day, when he told me why I need to take them at night). This tiny half dose is the culprit to my laloqness the morning after so much so, I fall back to sleep soon after subuh for the first few days. It's been better now since a couple of days ago. ;-)

And that Saturday morning, at almost ten, Mysarah (MyC) walked into my room showering me with her kisses all over my face that woke me up. I felt sorry for her for I have not prepared anything for breakfast. And I was worried too for I might miss my morning dose of medicines. She told me to sit back and relax while she started for brunch - so she claimed! All I need to do was to guide her from where I sat.

Only a few weeks ago, when I was writing about the Aust. Jr Master Chef...well, the one that I didn't get to finish...*sigh... I was lamenting about how sad I was seeing these kids as young as eight can really cook when my sixteen-year old is struggling to ignite the stove! 

With some guidance, MyC, to my surprise, succeeded in cooking me her first ever....


 ....a fusion Spaghetti bolognaise...
but she forgot the grated cheese!

Well...this Lili Junior, insisted to display her creation in my latest addition of the now 'retired' Anna Gr*ffin!  Sabor aje... hehee)) The verdict: it was nice but mild to my liking of localised SB extra hot and spicy.

While I think she proves me wrong, still, she opts out cooking...citing, "this is not my thingy, mummy.." And getting on her nerves, I corrected her, "that thingy has a's called a calling!"

Oops, gotta go now.... wish me luck! 

Lots of love,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 ...Ms Paltrow has just made her entrance...


... and decided, ehem...not to leave the building! ;p