Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of Days and Daze...

I'm seeing my doctor in a short while, but still linger here to do some updating. If I follow my heart, (aha, this is really a direct translation....kalau ikut kata hatiku...hikhikhik!), I would want to skip this morning's appointment.  I'm quite alright. I've been driving everywhere without experiencing breathlessness and anxiety attacks anymore. But my doctor is concerned when I came in after an attack, on a Friday morning recently. My pulse rate was rapidly mad, he said...even so when I was relax. That is why I need to be in his office now as he wanted to monitor my progress and, I supposed, he just can't get his hands scribbling something in his writing pad to refer me to the specialist for test and more test that I had taken some three years ago. In fact, he argued the other day, I could have been warded for symptoms of "it-can-be-anything"! Susah ek, bila doktor tu kawan kita.

The medicines he prescribed was very strong. One in the morning. And another one, a half of a very very tiny pill each night before bedtime...(I almost burst into tears that day, when he told me why I need to take them at night). This tiny half dose is the culprit to my laloqness the morning after so much so, I fall back to sleep soon after subuh for the first few days. It's been better now since a couple of days ago. ;-)

And that Saturday morning, at almost ten, Mysarah (MyC) walked into my room showering me with her kisses all over my face that woke me up. I felt sorry for her for I have not prepared anything for breakfast. And I was worried too for I might miss my morning dose of medicines. She told me to sit back and relax while she started for brunch - so she claimed! All I need to do was to guide her from where I sat.

Only a few weeks ago, when I was writing about the Aust. Jr Master Chef...well, the one that I didn't get to finish...*sigh... I was lamenting about how sad I was seeing these kids as young as eight can really cook when my sixteen-year old is struggling to ignite the stove! 

With some guidance, MyC, to my surprise, succeeded in cooking me her first ever....


 ....a fusion Spaghetti bolognaise...
but she forgot the grated cheese!

Well...this Lili Junior, insisted to display her creation in my latest addition of the now 'retired' Anna Gr*ffin!  Sabor aje... hehee)) The verdict: it was nice but mild to my liking of localised SB extra hot and spicy.

While I think she proves me wrong, still, she opts out cooking...citing, "this is not my thingy, mummy.." And getting on her nerves, I corrected her, "that thingy has a's called a calling!"

Oops, gotta go now.... wish me luck! 

Lots of love,


Ibu n Abah said...

Doa i semuga segalanya yang terbaek buat u...
bila umur dah meningkat tak berapa nak muda macam 30 tahun dahulu... memang kita akan diberi macam2 penyakit....
Redho kita akan memudahkan kita meneruskan hidup...-chewah..... siapalah yang bercakap tu???
Nampaknya anak2 kita akan memulakan misi masak-memasak mereka dengan masakan luar... i dulu masa kecik2 belajar masak dengan amsakan kampong.... dah tua2 ni baru terdedah dengan resepi omputih....hehehehe Tahniah.... memang nampak menyelerakan...

FaAtip said...

hhrrrmmmm....**nak tau jugak doktor cakap apa**

Lili said...


Iye kan? Terimakasih kerana mengingatkan saya yang kadang-kadang lupa dan alpa. :)

Saya redho, sebab nak kata tak berjaga, dah berjaga...tapi, kalau dah nak sakit, sakit jugak kan?

*kita bako ikan aje..hehe!

Lili said...


hmm..doktor kata, "Lili, you mintak Ticer Fa ajar you buat LABU..." ekekeke))

*psst Fa... masih tak fercaya you datang ni...ish ish ish... I loike! muaahhhs))

Wan Sharif said...

Semuga sihat sejahtera!

kak ja said...


Kalau my memory tak terpele'ot kat memana, I rasa2 Adik pun dedolu 1st time masuk dapoq, masak SB gak..

Tp I mcm sedih skit bila u sebut2 nama 'SB' tu..

*tanak syedih2 aaahhh!!

Lili, nnt bila kita msg2 free, kita ngobrol lagi.. U take care, ya??

somuffins said...

You told me yest. that you deferred the appmt. Dah jangan lengah2 lagi, you go see the doc today, okay?

Lili said...
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Lili said...

Ja laling!

Hari ni rasanya, hari yang paling best sebab you all berempat ada kat blog I ni!

Ja, memang SB yg paling senang nak masak kot...hehe...dan semestinya yang depa suka makang...

I take your comforting words from some wisdom quotes that day:
"Learn to let's the key to happiness"

Ye, kita ngobrol...kite ngobrol!

You take care too! Thanks ;)

Lili said...

CS dear,

Like I said to Ja, I'm so happy you and the whole gang are here! Thanks so much.. <3

I dah pergi jumpa doc this morning and I'm doing A-okay! ;)

Lili said...

Salam Ayoh Wang,

Thanks for the doa. Ameen.
May Allah bless you always.

Ribbon Clown said...

Salam K Lili,

I bgn awal rini, semata2 nak comment at ur blog.. he he I 'bizi' tau.. yeah yeah i know, lame excuse.. ;p I slalu singgah, tapi tak sempat nak leave comment.. u tweet la k lili? he he

nway, jgn lemah semangat k.. be strong.. whatever happen, just keep calm and carry on k.. Sometimes, kalau I down, I mesti singgah blog ni.. Honestly, I always find solace and comfort in reading your blog.. you sound so genuine and honest.. ;)

jgn skip appointment k.. ;p

and bravo to MyC on her first prepared meal.. :) she's such a darling.. plate tu memangil2 nama I tau.. he he i dah tahu satu kedai yg jual pinggan ala2 anna griffin kat sini.. tp tgh memujuk boss sponsor seketul dua hehe

take care K lili.. muah2x..

Lili said...


Thanks babe for your thought and equally honest comment. I'm flattered. :D

Well, we have our days..and seeking solace in reading other people's blog (the ones that really carry positive vibes, unlike mine!), has become quite my habit too. But I must warned you though, not all you read is believable, here in my blog! hehe

Hey, with your mouth-watering home-cooked meals, I'm sure the boss will not only sponsor 'seketul dua' but 'sedozen dua'! Berdoa babe! ;)