Monday, September 23, 2013

Finders, Keepers and Losers

It has been exactly one year since I last promised to write again. Well, I have a life so blissful that writing is manageable only in my head. Ok, I lied. So what if I say, I can't write anymore... It's something of the past like many other things we used to enjoy to do, and later in life we indulge in new things we found.

Like the long lost friendship. 

That too has become mundane over time. We thought we know them. The ones we shared our stories and laughters and tears. One moment it is still intact. And in another, we come to question the present. That is why they termed it "long lost". You just lost the easy friendship after a long hiatus. We are strangers all over again like the first time we met...enrolling into a new school, allotting ourselves to the rooms we were to share for the next two years or perhaps four if we were lucky enough to stay put till the upper forms. Only this time we are too old to start sharing anything again.

But someone knocked some senses in me yesterday. A reminder so severely sore that it turned out to heal this repentant blogger so admiringly. 

Oh, did I miss blogging?
Very, very much!

Lots of love,
Lili ;-)