Friday, May 11, 2012

The Longest Word With Only One Vowel!

The other day during dinner, there was only MyC and me eating our nasi lemak quietly. Always, at times like this, the silence just killed me. My seemingly cool attitude finally faltered when I looked up at MyC and suddenly blurted a taboo question.

Me: Girl...are you ok about Shah Alam?
MyC: *shaking her head* Noooooo....
Me: Mummy too...

And a Kleenex moment ensued. We both cried. Giggled...then cried. Giggled and cried. But nasi lemak tasted even yummeh, so, we ate!

I know, we're a silly mother and daughter bunch but we can't help contained our brief (I hope), sadness when MyC has made up her mind to further her studies in UiTM Shah Alam. We were at first elated when she got a place in KM Pulau Pinang which was, like, ten minutes away from our house. So now it is about time for MyC to be on her own. Six years ago, she was an eager student to do things her way when she enrolled in MRSM Langkawi only to back out when her home-sickness was over-whelming. She lasted only two-weeks there and returned to her old day-school. And from that day onwards we are inseparable. I waited for her on everything and watched her grow before my eyes...

This time, it will be different. This is her calling and she has to be too.

Now...if there's anything I needed the most and lots, then it has to be STRENGTHS!

Have a nice weekend, you all!

Lots of love,