Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Passing By... (?)

Feels happy suddenly and decided to drop by this blog... Huh? Whose blog is it anyway? OMG, what have I done with my abode? Er...did anyone miss me like I miss my blog? hehehehe.. Never a dull moment when it comes to a 'ferasan' moment...mmmmm! But, on a serious note, I miss everyone who has made my blogging meaningful. Sometimes, you see, blogging can take a backseat when you find another playground to play. Nothing much, but suffice to say, I'm happy doing things not related to writing. For now-lah....hahaha

Anyway, as I was saying, I am only passing by. But one of these days, I'll stay longer and write again. Okay? ;)

Till's a song for you all and for those who make me feel appreciated and.... beautiful ;)

Lots of love,
Lili ;) 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Price Of Happiness?

It was around this time last year when everybody was still in the raya mood, I visited my friend, D. My visit was not to feast at her place but rather to check on her. You can read it HERE.

Monday that was recently, I attended a raya gathering at Shima's house albeit late. But I did get to pass my casserole-fulled of spicy fried pasta through a friend for sides. It was a thanks-giving sort of do where the surah Yaasiin was recited, and doas were offered. For most of us, we have children sitting for public and trial exams. I did not made it at the recital as I was tied up with 'driving mr hubby' to everywhere; from his doctor, to the bank and to accompanying him for breakfast. You know, his swollen leg is so fond of him every couple of months!

When I was done with my work....well, I was literally running, I drove to Shima's only to make a detour because, silly me has just forgotten her camera. What is a gathering without a camera, no? hehehe! By the time I got there, most of my friends had left. Only a few lingered and really wanted to see...ehem, yours truly. Femes dua minit...mengalahkan Miss Universe! Wow, that Miss Angola...isn't she something? Ooops, but I digress! 

My friends were in their bests, while I, in my shirt and jeans. Yes, I wear shirts not blouses, y'all! we all know, last weekend was that M*kasa sale again, and I was adamant this time to give the sale a miss, but ready to view Shima's huge collection with open arms and mind!

I was quite upset because the last time I bought this:

...the manager there told me that was the last stock and they were discontinuing the A*na Griff*n. 
Now, look what Shima has hoarded...lots! Hahaha)) But it's okay...only Kak T and I have those Martha S! *hahahahaha evil laughs...thanks to Brad!* Talk about sour-grapes...

*these are the jugs and side plates 
With Shima, it is all about using them straightaway.
Hey, I do too! :-)

Oh no! This is something new for something old..
the 'direct from M*kasa J*pan's corner...
a very handsome cups and saucers.

 Okay, let's check the food!

Nasi carrot and lauk pauknya....
 the desserts table...brought by friends...
My fried macaroni? Well, it was gone by the time I arrived!
ermm...check out Shima's A*na Griff*n oval platters...I tak dapat yang itu!

kak T (left), and the the dining table.
Some friends were in the kitchen helping out Shima's maids.
Our friend form Jeddah, kak Imah was chatting in the living...
Wow, best! 
 ...this little makcik in Hannan, kak Imah's grand-daughter.
When asked to pose, she shied...hehe! 

Everyone left at almost 1pm and I was the last to eat with Shima. As usual, Shima's maid packed some food for me and D, who did not come. I dropped by her house on my way home. As it was already way past Zohor, I asked her to see me outside her gate. We spoke for a while, and as I was leaving her, we 'salam-ed' and she was still at it...crying her eyes out while hugging me. I quickly find my way back to my car and was about to go when I saw from my side mirror that she was crying helplessly under the mango tree. I could not leave her just like that, and alighting from my car, I ran back and held on to her until she calmed down...

And as I'm writing this....I keep on asking, WHY? Why men, be them your husbands or boyfriends or even best friends, are reliable to break women's hearts? 

I learned something today...
Happiness means never having to say you're without plates...because sadness can be overwhelming when you're without food! 
Happiness is to know that you are loved and appreciated by everyone around you...
Happiness is when you are trusted and not doubted. ;-)
Never break four things in your life - TRUST, PROMISE, RELATIONS AND  H E A R T because when they break they don't make noise but pains a lot...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stories for the Raya...3

September 3rd 2011 - Fifth Raya

...I was already back home and looking forward to a wedding in Taiping. 
One week before raya, while on my way to the island, the bride-to-be called me. Strange but true, earlier that morning, I visualized the scenario of her wedding...where relatives gathered...and while trying to look happy for the bride it would actually be tears shed silently at the thought of this girl who would be beaming if only her mother was around. I had thought of not attending the wedding since the day I received the invites...but with Nabila's call, I decided otherwise. I just can't disappoint my niece. At least I'm doing it in remembering her mother...

Her mother, Nyah, was my late first cousin.. I have fond memories of her. Nyah, in Perak, means the second eldest sister. She was really my big sister than she was a cousin. That is the way our big family operates...cousins are practically siblings. But Nyah and I, shared the same passion. We loved to cook and bake. Every year, when raya approached...(oh dear, I feel awkward to mention her in past tense...) she would call me and ask about my cakes. I think of all the cousins, we were the most communicating ones. As always, our conversations were filled with funny banters. And coming from an English Language teacher, it was hilarious when she 'Manglish-ed'!

Over the years, news got to me that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone was devastated. I did not get to visit her until she was re-admitted to undergo a mastectomy. After many treatment, her cancer was on remission and her life was back to normal. In April 2004, my father passed on. She was with us during our trying times and really, it felt so good to see a lot of her. The following months, just before Raya, another news shocked us when the cancer relapsed. It had spread to her vital organs. But she was a fighter. During Raya that year, I still could not find time to visit her. I tried calling her but every time I dialled her number, I cry buckets already thus abandoning my intention that so much so, I never got to speak to her at all.
It was destined actually when another cousin took my mother along with MyC and my niece, Nadiah, to beraya at her house in Taiping. I did not go because my elder sister was sick and I kept her company. When my mother and the children came back later that evening, MyC came to me with a message form Nyah... I was clueless when MyC rushed to hug me tightly. But when she conveyed all the words Nyah had for me, it all made sense afterwards. Nyah had this to say: Balik nanti, peluk mummy untuk Wan Nyah macam ni...bagitau mummy, Wan Nyah mintak ampun dan maaf. Halalkan makan minum Wan Nyah...Wan Nyah sayang mummy. With those words, I broke down like a bursting dam. Still, I wasn't ready to see her. Not in her very bad condition.

One late March 2005 saw me picking up my courage to visit her. By then her condition deteriorated and she was given a quality life in the comfort of her younger brother's house in KL. This means, I had to travel further down than a mere half an hour to Taiping. See, what procrastination can do to you. Okay, I wasn't procrastinating...but I was scared...

I travelled to KL with my youngest sister and a brother. We were advised to appear calm before her. When I reached my cousin, Shazalli's house, he was already waiting for us. I went inside and greeted my aunt first who by now, on seeing us started to cry. She cries wonder anak saudara dia ni cengeng! I entered Nyah's room which had an atmosphere of a hospital ward. After all, Nyah's youngest sister is a doctor. I scrutinized the room. There were bouquet of flowers and numerous cards adorned the dresser...testimony that Nyah was much loved by her friends and students.

I saw her looking all frail and weak, lying, with an IV drip attached to her, and an oxygen tank nearby her bed. She managed a weak smile but I knew she was mustering her utmost energy to appear strong before us. One look at her I knew she was drifting away fast...but only God knows when. 
I reached for her hands, kissed them a few times before I sank my face into her cheeks and kissed her forehead, and holding back my tears very hard. Inside, I was screaming with sadness but I kept my cool like I was told. I felt a lump in my throat when I whispered into her right ear, "Nyah, I'm here..and I love you so much. You're my kakak dunia dan akhirat...." She smiled and nodded her head slightly, squeezing my hands too. With that, my eyes filled.... Sometimes, some questions had to be stupid and I asked her, "sakit, Nyah....?" She closed her eyes this time and again nodding her head. I held her hands until she fell back to sleep.
We stayed until nightfall that day. Before we left, I went back to her room to bid her goodbye but she was heavily sedated and slept tight.

A week after my visit, my beautiful Nyah, passed away peacefully a day after my late father's first anniversary. She was survived by her parents and siblings. But her husband did not make it in time. Always at funeral, the cousins re-united again. Yes...all the cousins in KL. No matter how busy they were, but for the last time for Nyah, they came. I heard they were all there, including my ever busy brother. Nyah's body was brought back to her house in Taiping. This allowed most of our relatives in Perak to attend her funeral.

I was there too...sitting by her bed again. Only this time Nyah did not respond to my whisper...

At Bila's wedding, my aunt did it again....

..excuse us while we cry.

The End. 
Thanks for dropping by, y'all! ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Stories for the Raya... 2

I realized...I have no stories to tell about the recent Hari Raya. Like every year, it was the same this time around. Maybe the visitors dwindled significantly, but unexpected relatives made this raya all more the joyful. A cousin, who celebrated raya with his in-law's family in Ipoh almost every year but never thought of dropping by, suddenly showed up on the second day...he text me to keep his visit a surprise for my mother. Little that he knew, his aunt got this hunch that someone far was to see her that day! There she stood waiting at the doorway...when he arrived...but missed the gate...hehe...What a drama that was. Aunt and nephew in each other arms and this onlooking big cousin wept with joy! 

We were about to settle for the raya spread with him and his family, when another group of a long lost second cousins arrived. That also, I knew before hand when my aunt-by-marriage, called me on hari raya eve. But she did not mention about her daughter, who now resides in Singapore, was to come too. I was moved by their visit. All three of them (my second cousins) came with their mum, minus the youngest who stayed put in Kertih due to her husband's commitment with work there...well, orang minyak ler katakan. I spent a lot of my growing up times with them and my favourite uncle, now deceased. When I joked with my cousin, Wan Suraya, about putting up at her place if I were to go to Singapore, she earnestly said, '..with you, kak Lili, you needn't have to ask. All you need to do is come. mi casa su casa...' Hahahaha! My quick retort was, ' ahh, should have visited you when you were working in Brussels before...!' Ummm....kasi betis nak peha, no?!

And then, the whole day saw more relatives dropping in.

Sadly, between entertaining my guests, and cooking lunch for my elder brother's family *sigh...*, 
I forgot to take pictures of my cousins. Too bad...not only that, all the food that I cooked for the raya spread was neglected because, you can imagine, how busy I was. I thought the other family members would take some photos of the rendang tok and lemang and lontong etc..etc.., but no... :'( about some photos of ME! hahahaa))) 

 ...with my youngest sister, Adik...
er, how come I tak dapat luit laye? ;p
 ...and...this one from all of us...
(oops sorry, time's up! - updated: 9.25pm)
 ..The Girls at Tun Terang...
auww...this is so going to be for a limited time only,
yours truly is already over-exposed..ekekeke!!

...last but not least...with my eldest brother always at logger-heads with him but...
air dicincang tak akan him all the same..sedey ler pulok!

to be continued...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stories for the Raya...

Sunday 28th August 2011

Balik Ipoh...yeay! But before that....packing dulu....

...sangat kejis...kasut susun dulu sebelum beg baju boleh masuk...
My motto...biar tertinggal baju but I won't leave home without my shoes!!
Baju boleh pinjam itu *boss...or lari pi beli kat mall. Oh that is also the idea, kan?
Tu pasal I banyak baju basahan dari baju raya...hehehehe
Kekdahnya, last last guna dua pasang jer kasut...ha ha ha)))
By the way, apsal tak boleh pakai jeans pagi raya? 
Mummy vogue ni (bluekk) tak sesuai arrr pakai baju kurungs...oops! ;p

every time nampak terowong menora ni...
berdebor debor...

hah, dah nampak tol, baru boleh nyanyi...hikhikhik!
are we there yet? Almost, babeh!

Already in Ipoh...
Close encounter with the furry kind. Geli geleman....hyelpp.

Ateh ada hati nak amik gambar...walaupung...katanya...
terketar-ketar nak adjust camera...when suddenly, heta!
ini kucengengs kucing, bersin! Maka menjerit ler Cik Lili
bagai kena histeria...First time jumpa kucing bersin, boleh? 

...easy does it...Lilo...look here...I'm trying to take your pictures
Dah dapat...wa lari sampai terlompat-lompat kijang.
heh, kita kemas bilik abang dia datang gesel-gesel 
nak tolong sama...tolong takpe...bab gesel gesel kaki...s o r r y!
Lagi sekali Cik Lili histeria...
...tercampak habis vacuum cleaner. =))
My dear niece, time jangan tinggalkan ini Lilo when I'm around.
Boleh sakit nyawa Ateh...
Over ek? hehehehe)))

Iftar : 28th Ramadhan
Sebab dah terlalu penat lari lari kucing dalam rumah, my baby sister, yes, *the boss, decided on the menu for iftar.
Syukur Alhamdulillah, our iftar that evening was sponsored by P*keeza Restaurant. The owner had insisted to pack for my sis when everyone of us was back for the Raya. ;) Sebab tak nak makan free, we slipped a token...yeay... (lain macam punye 'yeay' hihihi!)

...ini baru satu pack...haha...the rest simpan for sahur, 
and gave some to my mum's friend. usual, my plate of nasi beryani...tersangat sedap!
First time jugak since puasa ni, I makan bertambah.
Alhamdulillah. Tengok gambar ni rasa nak makan. Lapar weh...

To be continued...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Si Tekak Noodles....alahai!

Back from Ipoh, with a slight sniffling and an aching body in tow, is a sign I am quite familiar with. The viral fever is about to dwell in my household and it hit MyC first. She has got a good rest over the weekend before school re-opened, but mine decided to pounce on me on that Saturday, the fifth raya, just when I was about to leave for a wedding in Taiping. But no matter what, I come!

Early that morning while going through my closet and pulling one by one of my now 'massive' baju kurungs...*sigh...terkurus during Ramadhan* before deciding on one to wear for the wedding, the hungry pang struck. So, a breakfast of fruits sounded nice since my variety of fruits stock was abundant...hehee...

 My first plate....
 My first plate...
...the second helpings

But by 9.30am, when I'm done with the ironing my stomach grumbled again....

 Hah, hambik! 
Pekena pi maggi mee bodos that has been made cerdik
with greens and eggs and serunding daging!

Teeheeeeheeeee....well, kalo dah tekak noodles nak buat camno ek?

Okay...gotta go...still got the blues ...not feeling good, so in need of more rest.
See you all again.

Monday, September 5, 2011

R & R

What a way to start a Monday...

 (pic: by googled)

....and it has been three days. Always after Raya.

Wish I could blog some more...